Click Start Your Communication

Time: Thursday 6:15-7:15 pmpm (Two One Hour Sessions, 2 consecutive weeks.
May 26 & June 1, June 8 & 15, June 22 & 29
Ages: 6 months & up

Cost: Cost $80

Charging the Clicker: Clickers are a type of marker that help us communicate with our dogs during training. The sound of the click lets the dog know that the behavior they are offering is what we want, and that a reinforcer (reward) is coming. We also call a clicker a bridging stimuli, because it “bridges” the gap between when the behavior is offered and when the reinforcement comes, allowing us mark the exact moment a behavior is happening, and still reward it afterwards. The clicker says “yes, that’s right!” and “here comes a reward!” Data shows that dogs learn significantly faster when trained using a clicker as opposed to though rewards alone.

“Don’t Take My Stuff” – Resource Guarding Prevention

We use games and exercises to prevent problem behavior from developing!

One Hour Session
Time:  Thursday, 5:00-6:00 pm


Nose Games – New Class

Your dog’s nose is their superpower!

“Your dog’s nose is their superpower!  Teach your dog how to use their nose for fun and enrichment.  This class is appropriate for most dogs such as very young dogs who need extra things to do, older dogs who are aging out of sports, dogs who need a boost of confidence and everyone in between!  If you are curious about nose sports this is the place to start. This class will set you up with the foundations for scent detection by teaching your dog to search, problem solve and learn what their individual “alerts” look like.  There will be some downtime when other dogs are searching so bring a “project” for your dog to sniff, lick or chew if they need help settling down during these times.”

Five One Hour Session
Time: Sunday, May 7, 4-5 pm

Reliable Recalls
“The most important tool to have in your back pocket for your puppy – a reliable recall! This class helps you understand the basics of teaching a rock solid response to your puppy’s name, an emergency recall, and returning under distractions. We will play games designed to keep the behavior fun, fast paced, and exciting, creating value where it is needed most. These games will be something you can easily take home and practice, making sure your puppy can be successful in any environment!”

Cost: $35
Time: Tuesdays
Duration: One hour class
Format: 4 puppies max  (For puppies of any age, shy or fearful puppies would benefit greatly from these games and confidence boosting exercises).

Leash Walking Basics
“Struggling to get down the block? Are you seeing balking, pulling, or distracted sniffing while on your daily walks? This class is geared toward helping you and your puppy learn all about loose leash walking and finding value in sticking together. We’ll teach you all about check-ins, how to use your body language to communicate clearly and effectively, and all about the timing of the reward to help increase your puppies’ understanding of how to walk on leash.”

Time: Thursdays
Format: One hour class: 4 puppies max.
Requirements: Completed a a Puppy Kindergarten or Manners class

Fearful Dog

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl when they see bike, people, etc.?
This class focuses on puppies over 4 months

  • Afraid/shy of greeting people
  • Prone to run away and hide when guests come over
  • Scared of loud noises
  • Overwhelmed in new environments
  • Scared to go on walks
  • Fearful of new/strange objects

In this class, we will cover reactivity, fear, aggression, and some ways to manage and train alternative behaviors to better cope. We will also discuss body language, counterconditioning and desensitization, clicker training.
Your dog will build confidence through games and training exercises while addressing behavior problems. We offer private training for fear behavior issues as well.

Cost : $199
Time: Not scheduled at this time
Limited to 6 dogs