Use Your Nose

Use Your Nose

“Your dog’s nose is their superpower!  Teach your dog how to use their nose for fun and enrichment. If you are curious about nose sports this is the place to start. This class will set you up with the foundations for scent detection work by teaching your dog to search, problem solve and learn what their individual “alerts” look like. There will be some downtime when other dogs are searching so bring a “project” for your dog to sniff, lick or chew if they need help settling down during these times.”

Instructor: Hannah Halpren – Professional Dog Trainer Certification Karen Pryor Academy

Intro Level

Four One Hour Sessions
Next sessions: March 28, Thursday 6:15 – 7:15  pm
Prerequisites: Over 6 months old


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Located at 319 NE 45th St, Seattle 98105