Pub Pups

Pub Pups Let’s go out for a beer!

Seattle has some of the best dog friendly places to relax indoor and out with our dogs!  We will train with you and your dog to overcome distractions and teach better manners to make it more enjoyable for your dog too!

This class will cover:

  • Responsible Ownership
  • Greeting Skills
  •  Bar Ordering Routine
  • Relaxation Skills with duration in a public setting (your dog, not you!)
  • Teamwork leash walking to get from the bar to your table without spilling your beer
  • Rapid recovery for your dog from startling sounds like plates falling or glass shattering
  • And much more!

Time:  5 one hour sessions
Next Session:March 23, Saturday 12:00 pm
Requirements: Previously attended a Manners Class
Age: Over 6 months


Contact us at 206-601-0516

Located at 319 NE 45th St, Seattle 98105