Growly Dog

Is your dog trained for basic obedience and/or otherwise friendly, but you have a hard time walking your dog on a leash due to the presence of other dogs? For example, are you finding yourself walking your dog at 4 AM because he lunges, barks, and/or growls at other dogs on leashes? Do you constantly scan the horizon of your community hoping you are alone in the neighborhood? If so, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with a leash-reactive dog forever. And, you can get help to establish a healthy leash-walking routine and positive behaviors from your furry friend.

The Growly Dog training classes from Paws 4 Training are intended to help both leash-reactive dogs and their owners become more confident with leash walking. With our 6-course Growly Dog Classes, you and your dog can both gain the skills and confidence needed to walk with a leash anywhere you want to go.

What is Leash-Reactivity?

Are you wondering if you have a leash-reactive dog or if the Growly Dog Classes at Paws 4 Training may help with your leash walking experience? If so, a better understanding of what a leash-reactive dog can help. A leash reactive dog is one who:

  • Is hard to stop when on a leash
  • Focuses intently on a trigger (which is commonly another dog)
  • Takes longer than two seconds to release focus on a trigger

What Our Growly Dog Class Teaches

During our Growly Dog Classes, you and your dog will both learn:

  • Skills to calm your dog.
  • Redirection of focus and to behave in a more relaxed manner. This results in further relaxation for you as the owner too!
  • How to establish walks that are safer, more enjoyable, and at a civilized time of day.
  • Establishing individual attention for you and your dog.

We use the most current techniques in the field when working with reactivity and fear-related leash problems. These include classical and counterconditioning, desensitization, as well as Behavior Adjustment Training. These techniques teach your dog to offer new and more appropriate behaviors to replace barking, lunging, and snapping.

Timeline and Cost for The Growly Dog Classes

Time: Five one hour sessions
Cost: $200

Important Information About Growly Dog Classes

Before enrolling your dog into our Growly Dog course, please review the following important information below. This will help to determine if your dog is the right fit for these classes or if additional training may be required beforehand.

Next Session: March 20, Sunday 10:30 am

Limit: 5 dogs per class
History: This class is not for dogs that have issues with people, cars, bicycles, etc, or dogs with a history of biting.
Past Training: The Growly Dog classes require a foundation in basic obedience behaviors. Private training sessions may be needed before attending the class.