Seattle Dog Parkour Class

Canine Parkour  (Urban Agility) is a fun sport that turns any environment into an obstacle course.

Develop your “parkour eye” to find obstacles in your environment.
This is an amazingly fun and stress free activity and builds coordination and flexibility.
We will cover safe handling (spotting),”Must have Skills”, proper equipment, & where to practice Parkour with your dog! Suitable for all dogs. Puppies need to be at least 5 months old for the class.

Instructor: Susan Oshie Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Time: Saturday  May 18, 12:00-1:00 pm
Five one hour sessions

Prerequisites:  5 months or older
Cost: $175

  • Must be wearing harness with leash (if using) clipped to back. Harness width straps must be appropriate for the size of dog (minimum 1 inch straps for all but the smallest dogs). We’ve liked the harnesses you can find through Ruffwear and wonder Freedom Harness. If there is a leash, it has to be on a harness and handled in a safe manner at all time.

Contact us at 206-601-0516

Located at 319 NE 45th St, Seattle 98105