Private Training

Private Training

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In-Home Private Training Sessions & Behavior Consultations


Get Started: In home new puppy visits:

Potty training/pen training, puppy nipping, chewing, jumping are all common issues news parents experience. Preparing you and your family members makes the transition much easier. Get started with basic manners and understanding developmental stages with your new puppy.  This session is a great start coupled with our puppy kindergarten classes.

60 minutes:$145

Private training teaches your dog basic obedience skills/manners and will address problem behaviors where they occur in your home or in their environment. We do not work with dogs that have a bite history.

*Basic Training (sit, down, stay, go-to place, etc.)
*Leash Walking
*Come when called

*1 session: One 1 hour training $165 ( in home)

*1 session: One 1 hour training $145 (at Studio)


We understand that every home and every dog are different. We will help you with a custom, in-home program that is perfect for your unique situation.

Behavior Consultations

We implement proven scientific and force-free methods to help your dog. Classical Counter-conditioning (creating new positive associations)and desensitization (gradually introducing to stimuli), Behavior Adjustment Training( BAT). By giving your dog a new set of skills they learn to behave differently rather than barking, lunging, or snapping-biting.

Problem Behaviors we can help you with:
*Fear related behaviors
*Aggression towards dogs and people.
*Separation Anxiety
*Possessiveness with Food or Toys
*Leash Reactivity due to Aggression or Over arousal
*Bringing Home your New Puppy or Dog (Done at your home)
*Problem Barking

The first sessions are done in our training studio. If we have issues specific to your home we will hold them there if you are in our local travel area. Travel fees will apply if you are out of that area.


Behavior Consultations:
* 1 session: 60 minutes session ($145)
Follow up sessions:
*Discussed at the conclusion of the consultation.


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