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Our Class Times

Puppy Kindergarten Class

Monday: 6:15 pm (all sizes)
Monday: 7:30-8:30 pm (all sizes)

Tuesday: 5:15 pm (all sizes)
Tuesday: 6:30 pm (all sizes)

Wednesday: 6:00 pm (all sizes)

Saturday: 8:15 am (all ages/sizes)
Saturday: 9:30 am (all ages/Sizes)

Sunday: 9:00 am (Small Breed only  – for puppies under 20 lbs as adults)


New! Puppy Socials- 

Monday 5:30-6:30 pm 30 minutes


Puppies must be enrolled in our Puppy Kindergarten classes to attend

Under 16 weeks of age


Puppy Kindergarten Class

Requirement: (Ages 9 up to 20 weeks old & under 30 lbs by the end of the session)
Duration: One hour x 6  consecutive weeks (rolling enrollment), (This is NOT a single class drop-in format)
Format:Indoors ( max puppies 10)
Cost: $225

Give your puppy the knowledge needed to grow into a smart, confident, and loving family member by starting with the core foundation of training in puppy kindergarten classes! This class includes beginning training and socialization for puppies as young as 9 weeks of age.

During puppy kindergarten classes, we provide a safe environment for puppies to work on training and build confidence using force-free, positive reinforcement training methods.

Socialization: The most important time for puppy socialization is the first 3 months of life. Our open enrollment classes provide a safe and supervised environment for your puppy to meet other puppies, new people, and experiences each week. Through play, they learn to be gentle with their mouths and learn the social skills needed to interact with other dogs in a healthy way. Early socialization and positive training methods help prevent puppy behavior problems like fear, withdrawal, or avoidance. And, help to build a bond with you in a safe environment with minimized risk to illness.

Foundation Skills: We introduce basic skills to assist your puppy in developing into the well-mannered adult dog you’ve always wanted. And, help you to gain new knowledge on how to continue this training after puppy kindergarten and in the home. With puppy obedience training, your puppy will learn basic skills like leash walking. Plus, work on commands like “sit, stay, come, and leave it, wait, touch.

Handling: Make your puppy’s visits to the vet and groomer more pleasant and fear-free for you and your puppy. During puppy kindergarten open enrollment classes, you’ll practice handling exercises for nail trimming, grooming, and medical exams.  This way, both you and your puppy have more confidence in taking on social experiences.


Puppy Day Camp

Requirement: (ages 9 up to 20 weeks & under 30 lbs by end of session)
Duration: Monday – Thursday 7:30 – 11:30 am – Cost:$400/4 days
Format: Indoors: (2 trainers plus an assistant) for a maximum of 6 puppies.

  • Ability to swap classes: No
  •  Prerequisites: Recommend enrolling in our Puppy Kindergarten Class.
  • NO REFUNDS within 5 days of start date. Camp date exchanges may be made 72 hours in advance of the session pending availability and the pup still being under 18 weeks. If exchange is not available, no refunds or partial refunds are made.

While puppy kindergarten classes allow you and your puppy to train together, puppy day camp allows for training with our certified dog trainers one-on-one. We recommend that those enrolled in our puppy kindergarten classes combine their training with the puppy day camp. This way, puppies get a good amount of time socializing with other dogs their own age to encourage positive behaviors and receive professional customized training. And, owners can still learn about training skills during the puppy kindergarten classes to take this education home.

Benefits of enrolling your puppy into puppy day camp with Paws4Training include:

Socialization: Our day camp for puppies allows for further socialization with puppies around your dog’s same age. Of course, these interactions are guided and overseen by our certified dog trainers to ensure safety and positive play. Plus, puppies each get their own designated nap break to allow for a time out from socialization and to wind down.

Foundation Skills Training: During day camp, puppies will work with our trainers to gain basic skills like sit, down, come, walking on a leash, going to a set place, leave it, stay and wait. This is an individualized program. You choose the 3 behaviors you would like us to work on.

Scheduling: Puppy day camp is a great option for puppy owners who can’t work on training throughout the day due to work or other obligations. We understand that puppies are a lot of work and responsibility. But, they grow up so fast!  So, puppy day camp gives them the opportunity to have fun throughout the day, give you a break from training, and incorporate helpful training every week.

Reporting: Each week, we provide Custom Progress Reports on your puppy’s achievements or concerns. This way, you can get a full scope of your puppy’s progress. We also provide written handouts and YouTube training videos for your reference and viewing at home.


Introduction to Agility (Puppies up to 5 months & Under 30 lbs)

“The sport of agility has been fast growing! Have you ever been interested in what it’s all about? In our Introduction to Agility class, we’ll introduce your puppy to new textures, explore exciting equipment that they can climb, and work on focus in a distracting environment. There will be tunnels, low jumps, and fun equipment like tables, a-frames, and a dog walk. This class is not only an eye opener for the sport of agility, but a great way to build your bond with your puppy, work on their basic obedience, and introduce them to new experiences to further their confidence.”

Duration: 60 minutes- Drop In Class
Cost:$37.50 (single session)
Format: Indoors

Puppy Social (Age 9 – 16 weeks  10 puppy limit

Requirements: You must register, Masks re
Duration: 30 minutes: Monday 5:30 pm

Format: Indoors

None scheduled at this time.

Want to give your puppy more socialization with other puppies their own age to encourage healthy and positive interactions? Our 45-minute puppy social events are a great option for supervised playtime guided by our certified dog trainers at Paws 4 Training.


Important Information About Puppy Training Classes, Day Camp, and Socials

Before enrolling in puppy kindergarten, daycare, social play, or middle school, please review the terms and conditions below regarding enrollment, what to bring, and health and safety!

No Dog Park/Health Policy: To ensure a risk-free and safe environment puppies in our Puppy Kindergarten classes and Puppy Camp should not go to high-risk areas where they may be exposed to viral diseases or parasites that can be spread to the other puppies. This means dog parks or dog daycare (even if your puppy has completed all their vaccines). To learn more, please read the statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior regarding puppy classes and vaccines: AVSAB Position Statement On Puppy Socialization.

Vaccines: Required vaccines: Distemper/Parvo Combo, Bordetella recommended. Puppies can start kindergarten, daycare, and social play at 9 weeks of age, after the first round of vaccines (must be administered at least 7 days before the start of classes). Please bring your vaccine records with you on your first day of training or social play.

Age: Puppies enrolled in either/both puppy kindergarten and puppy daycare training classes must complete these training classes before they reach 20 weeks of age.

Children: Children over 6 years old are allowed in class. For their safety, they must remain seated at specified times stated by the trainers. An adult must accompany children under 18 years of age.

What to Bring:  Please bring a NON-retractable leash, vaccine records, training treats, and training pouch.

Cancellation Policy:

Puppy Kindergarten Classes:

Full refunds are available if you cancel 7 days  or more prior to your 1st class. Partial refund after the 1st class. You are not considered having dropped out of a class until and unless you contact Paws4Training directly informing us that is your intent.
You must contact us regarding switching classes 48 hours in advance or arrange at the time of registration. If you don’t cancel and request another session you forfeit your class.

Day Camp:

Full Refunds for cancellation 5 days before the scheduled session for full refunds. (Monday sessions  – Friday night by midnight). Cancellations morning of 50% refunds.

Puppies enrolled in Puppy Camp must be picked up by  11:3o – 11:40 am. If you are late, there will be a $15 charge billed in fifteen-minute increments.