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Professional Training for Dogs AND Their Owners

Not only do we train puppies and dogs, but we train their people too! With our constructive and affirmative training approaches, we make the training process a fun and inviting one for both you and your pup. This way, not only does your dog get the training he or she needs to become your dream pet, but you understand how your dog learns best.

A Safe and Inviting Environment to Learn

Paws 4 Training believes the best environments for dogs and their owners to learn are safe, inviting, and of course, fun! That’s why we offer different training environments for different needs, including both private training sessions and group training sessions for basic obedience. This way, you can get the help you need with training in the environment you and your pup are most confident in.

Specialty Programs for Special Needs

Has your dog already gone through puppy or basic training, but you’re still concerned about other areas of training? For example, leash training or introducing your dog to a new baby on the way? If so, we offer specialized training classes and seminars to help prepare you and your furry friend for a life of safety and obedience.

Helping You Build a Wonderful Relationship with Your Lifelong Friend

Our mission is to help people establish a relationship with their puppies and dogs that revolves around trust, communication, and understanding. Not only do we love dogs, but we love giving their owners the tools and education they need to practice effective training! Let us help you establish the relationship you want with your dog and help you and your dog both get the skills needed for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Featured In! Professional Training for Dogs AND Their Owners Professional Training for Dogs AND Their Owners
Professional Training for Dogs AND Their Owners

Our Services

Puppy Programs and Middle School

Puppy Programs and Middle School

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Speciality Classes

Speciality Classes

Private Training

Private Training

Our Team

  • Susan Oshie CPDT-KA
  • Erika Abrahamson CCS - Head Day Camp Trainer/Puppy Kindergarten Class Trainer
  • Nikki - CCS Assistant Day Camp Trainer
  • Susan Oshie CPDT-KA

    Founder of Paws4training

    Susan Oshie, the owner of Paws4training, puts her vast knowledge and experience to work training dogs and puppies to be well-mannered pets. Susan is a professional dog trainer and a Licensed Veterinary Technician with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her training experience includes head trainer and teaching puppy classes at Sound Animal Services. She taught puppy classes at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle and was an instructor at Downtown Dog Lounge conducting puppy socialization, basic/intermediate obedience, beginning agility and Canine Good Citizen classes.

    Before starting Paws4training, Susan began her career at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital and then went on to be a licensed Veterinary Technician. She worked as a surgical tech at the Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle, Green Lake Animal Hospital, and Eastlake Veterinary Hospital.

    Susan’s dog training and vet tech experience have enhanced her passion for promoting the health and well being of animals. Her invaluable skills have helped many dogs to become well-trained pets that their owners are proud to live with. Susan continues her education by attending seminars and workshops presented by top trainers and behaviorists in the field such as Dr. Ian Dunbar Ph.D., Terry Ryan, CPDT, and Pia Silvani CPDT. Jean Donaldson, Ken Rameiz, Kath Sado

    Susan is very empathetic to new puppy owners. She has experience puppyhood and adolescence with many wonderful dogs over the years.  Frannie and Chelsie keep Susan busy and delighted with all their antics!

    – In September 2011, Susan passed the Certification exam for Professional Pet Dog Trainers – Knowledge Assessed. (CPDT-KA)
    – Member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers
    – IAABC-International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants


  • Erika Abrahamson CCS – Head Day Camp Trainer/Puppy Kindergarten Class Trainer

    Recognizing dogs as a lifelong passion, Erika started volunteering with the Seattle Humane Society. Here she continued to gain experience and insight and decided to make canine behavior and training a full-time pursuit, graduating and earning her certificate from the Northwest School of Canine Studies  (https://www.northwestschoolofcaninestudies.com) in November 2015. As a training professional her goal is to help bridge the gap between dogs and their owners, aiding both in developing the skills necessary to live full, harmonious lives in each other’s company.

    Erika specializes in puppy training, helping young dogs with socialization and life skills needed to explore and thrive in our complex world.   She’s looking forward to combining training and puppy play in Paws4training Puppy Day Camp!



  • Nikki – CCS Assistant Day Camp Trainer


    Nikki has a deep love for animals and is passionate about teaching focus and loose leash walking and to dogs. She earned her Certificate of Canine Studies CCS (https://www.northwestschoolofcaninestudies.com/programs) at the Northwest School in the Spring of 2019. She is trained in Pet First Aid. She is a volunteer with Disaster Rescue for animals.

    Nikki lives with Bazzle, a 6-year-old cat affectionately nicknamed ‘Razzle Spazzle’. To Nikki’s delight, Bazzle quickly adapted to their new housemate, Wyatt, a 1 ½ year old Terrier Mix. Wyatt has been with Nikki and Bazzle for over a year now and is energetic, playful, and currently enrolled in agility classes, where he is a superstar.
    She is currently assisting in Thursday night Puppy Kindergarten Class, Middle School Class, and our Growly Dog class on Sunday mornings.
    We are lucky to have her at Paws 4 Training!

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