Susan Oshie of Paws4training ©2017 Nicole Raine Photography


Susan Oshie, owner of Paws4training, puts her vast knowledge and experience to work training dogs and puppies to be well-mannered pets. Susan is a professional dog trainer and Licensed Veterinary Technician with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her training experience includes head trainer and teaching puppy classes at Sound Animal Services. She taught puppy classes at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle and was instructor at Downtown Dog Lounge conducting puppy socialization, basic/intermediate obedience, beginning agility and Canine Good Citizen classes.

Before starting Paws4training, Susan began her career at Pilchick Veterinary Hospital, and then went on to be a licensed Veterinary Technician. She worked as a surgical tech at the Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle, Green Lake Animal Hospital, and Eastlake Veterinary Hospital.

Susan’s dog training and vet tech experience has enhanced her passion for promoting the health and well being of animals. Her invaluable skills have helped many dogs to become well-trained pets that their owners are proud to live with. Susan continues her education by attending seminars and workshops presented by top trainers and behaviorists in the field such as Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD, Terry Ryan, CPDT, and Pia Silvani CPDT.

Susan is very empathetic to new puppy owners. She has experience puppyhood and adolescence with Eloise, her Cavalier Spaniel mix. Eloise keeps busy reminding Susan each day about puppyhood and it’s challenges and delights!

September 2011, Susan passed the Certification exam for Professional Pet Dog Trainers – Knowledge Asseessed. (CPDT-KA)



Day Camp Trainer – Brian Hulburt CPDT-KA

Day Camp Assistant- Mia Morgan – Class Assistant