Growly Dog

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Do you find yourself walking your dog at 4 AM because he lunges, barks and growls at other dogs on leash? Do you constantly scan the horizon and hope you are alone in the neighborhood?

This class is not for dogs that have any issues  with people or dogs with a history of biting.

Requires a foundation in basic obedience.  Private training session may be needed before attending the class.

Our Growly Dog Class teaches:

  • You skills to calm your dog
  • Redirect his focus and to behave in a more relaxed manner. And, you’ll be more relaxed too!
  • Walks will be safer, more enjoyable and at a civilized hour!
  • Individual attention for you and your dog

We use the most current techniques in the field when working with reactivity and fear related leash problems. These include classical and counterconditioning, desensitization, as well as Behavior Adjustment Training. These techniques teach your dog to offer new and more appropriate behaviors to replace barking, lunging, and snapping.
Limit 5 dogs
Six weeks Cost $200


“The growly dog class was fantastic in helping me and my six-year-old black lab, Sadie, deal with other dogs on walks. When I first adopted Sadie about six months ago, she was aggressive towards other dogs we would encounter (pulling/lunging against the leash, growling, barking) and I had to struggle to control her. In the growly dog class, I learned several exercises to improve my dog’s focus on walks and help her relax in the presence of other dogs. Being able to practice walking and relaxing near another dog in a calm, controlled setting helped to significantly improve both mine and my dog’s confidence. Sadie and I now enjoy weekend walks at Green lake park without any problems from other dogs, and her behavior around other aggressive dogs is now at a very controllable level. Susan is a terrific instructor (Sadie loves her!) and is always sure to end class on a successful note. I would highly recommend this class to anyone with a reactive dog!”

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