Puppy Kindergarten, Day Camp, and Socials

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Puppy Class Registration


Puppy Kindergarten Classes                                                                          

Once a week: Six one our sessions
Twice a week: Twelve one hour sessions
Class Times: Monday 7:30 pm, Tuesday 6:30 pm, Wednesday 6:00 pm, Thursday 6:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 am,  Sunday 9:00 am, Sunday 10:30 am, Sunday 4:45 pm

For puppies starting at 8 weeks. Puppies must finish classes by 20 weeks.  

The most important time for socialization is the first 3 months of life. Puppies need to be exposed to as many people, animals, stimuli and new environments as can be achieved safely without causing fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior. (reference ASVBA Statement).

Our open enrollment classes provide a safe and supervised environment for your puppy to meet other puppies, new people and new experiences each week.  Through play they learn to be gentle with their mouth and learn the social skills needed to interact with other dogs. We introduce basic obedience skills and to develop into the well-trained adult dog you’ve always wanted.

Early socialization and positive training methods help prevent puppy behavior problems and bulids a bond with you in a safe environment and minimized risk to illness.

Make your puppy’s visits to the vet and the groomer more pleasant for everyone. Practice handling exercises for nail trimming, grooming, and medical exams.

Puppy Day Training Camp

Ages – 8  to 20 weeks

Monday, thru Thursday  7:30 – 11:30 am

Puppies must be current on vaccines and under 30 lbs

Puppy day camp provides specialized training and social interaction with other puppies with our certified dog trainer.

We teach basic obedience skills- sit, down, come, walking on leash, go to place, leave-it,  stay and wait, impulse control, and crate training,

Other benefits: Getting a break from your puppy during the day, addressing behavior issues like barking, and helping with potty training. Puppies will also get a rest or nap break. This allows them to settle down around other dogs.

We send home a weekly report showing what we worked on and progress made!

We can provide transportation back home for an additional fee.

Things to bring to day camp: your puppy’s kibble and treats, crate, mat/bed and  (helpful –  a frozen food toy).

If you can’t bring your puppy’s crate we can provide one. The mat will be used to train “go to place/bed”. 

Recommended to be combined with the puppy kindergarten classes so you are learning along with your puppy!

Puppy Socials: Supervised play time

Mondays  – 6:30 pm – 7:20 pm
Thursdays  – 7:45 pm – 8:35 pm

Must bring vaccine records
Limited to 12 puppies

Read the statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior regarding puppy classes and vaccines:

AVSAB Position Statement On Puppy Socializtion

No Dog Park / Health Policy: 

To ensure a risk  free and safe environment puppies in our Puppy Kindergarten classes and  Puppy Camp should not go to high risk areas where they may contact germs or parasites that can be spread to the other puppies. This means dog parks or dog day care. ( even if your puppy has completed all their vaccines).

Alex and Cocoa

When we got our new 9-week old puppy, we wanted to make sure he was well-trained and well-behaved.  However, we both work… and we found out that, as a new puppy parent, there aren’t many good options for your pup during the day.

It was great to watch our dog, Cocoa, get personal attention, training, and socialization with a small group of well-trained and socialized puppies.  Susan and her staff would send us videos of the great progress Cocoa was making.
We ended up sending Cocoa to Susan’s camp week after week since it was so great!


Puppy Class Registration