Middle School

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Puppy Class Registration

For dogs ages 5 – 12 months

Dogs are teenagers too! Now is the time when your puppy will test his boundaries and maybe even push your buttons.

This  class  is for active adolescents.  It is a bridge between Puppy Kindergarten and adult dog training classes.

Keep up the good work you did in Puppy Kindergarten by moving right into Midle School class.

  • This class will help to improve your puppy’s focus so they he can perform commands readily even with distractions.
  • Your puppy will learn to come when called from a distance, how to greet people and dogs properly,  go to his place on cue and manage impulse control.
  • Instead of an out-of-control teenager, your dog will behave politely in order to get the things he wants. Now that makes your life a whole lot easier!


Six 1 hour sessions
Cost $175

Puppy Class Registration