In-Home Private Training Sessions & Behavior Consultations

Private training teaches your dog basic obedience skills and will address problem behaviors where they occur in your home or in their environment.

Leave the training to the Paws4training professionals! Our one-on-one training makes your life easier by giving you a dog that is a happy, well-behaved member of the family. We understand that every home and every dog are different. Let Paws4training take the hassle out of training by designing a custom, in-home program that is perfect for your unique situation.

We implement the most current and scientific methods available to help your dog. Behavior Adjustment Training BAT is one of the methods we use along with classical conditioning (creating new positive associations)and desensitization (gradually introducing to stimuli). By giving your dog a new set of skills they learn to behave differently than barking, lunging, or snapping-biting.

We consult with your veterinarian about any health issues or need for medications and send them a report.

Along with teaching basic manners, here are some things we can help you with at home:

*Fear and Anxiety
*Possessiveness with Food or Toys
*Leash Reactivity due to Aggression or Over arousal
*Bringing Home your New Puppy or Dog

Studio session: $80 for a 50 minute session. (this session is for basic training only. Not complicated behavior issues).
Consultation/training session  $100 for the first hour.
Consultation/training session $150 for 1  1/2 session.

Pay for Deposit – $50

Pay for In-Home Behavior Follow-Up – 1 hr – $100

Not enough time to train yourself. We know life gets hectic and there isn’t always enough time to do what it takes to make progress with our dogs. We can visit your home and practice any training or behavior modification plan exercises we set for you and your dog. Then we meet with you to make sure you understand the exercises and help you implement them.

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