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Puppy Programs

The best time to train a puppy is now. Don’t wait. Our puppy training program let’s you start right away. Simply choose the class day and time you prefer, and then get training!

This is the age when puppies are most responsive to new experiences, and soak up learning like furry little sponges. It’s the perfect time to begin class!

In puppy classes we focus on socialization through play and exposure to new people and novel experiences, prevention of problem behaviors like mouthing, potty training, chewing and jumping. We also introduce the basic manner skills  sit, down, come, wait, drop, and leash walking.

“The most important class your puppy will ever take…”

No Dog Park / Health Policy: 
To ensure a risk  free and safe environment puppies in our Puppy Kindergarten classes and  Puppy Camp should not go to high risk areas where they may contact germs or parasites that can be spread to the other puppies. This means dog parks or dog day care. ( even if your puppy has completed all their vaccines).

Basic and Speciality Classes

Everything you need to know to have a well-trainied dog. In our group classes, you’ll learn canine communication, dog care, and how to interact with your dog in a variety of situations. The result is a well-mannered dog in a variety of situations. The result is a well-mannered do that can walk nicely on a leash, comes when called and much more.

Basic Training

Intermediate/Beginning Agility

Beyond Basics/AKC Good Citizen Guidelines

Growly Dog Class

Introducing Your Dog to Baby

What should I seek in a group class?

  • Ask the trainer whether you can observe a class in session before signing up. Watch for the following:
  • Is class size limited to allow for individual attention?
  • Are there separate classes for puppies and adult dogs?
  • Are there different class levels (for example, beginner, intermediate, and advanced)?
  • Are training equipment and methods humane?
  • Does the trainer use a variety of methods to meet dogs’ individual needs?
  • Is proof of vaccination required?
  • Are the students, both human and canine, enjoying themselves?
  • Are dogs and owners actively encouraged?
  • Is praise given frequently?
  • Are voice commands given in upbeat tones?
  • Are lesson handouts available? Is information available on how dogs learn, basic grooming, problem solving, and related topics?

Our goal is to create the best experience for you and your dog in class. We teach you how to interact with your dog in a variety of situations. We help you learn more about training, pet communication, dog care, and how to have fun with your adolescent or adult dog. We also teach you how to work with distractions and how to shape your dog’s behavior through the use of positive reinforcement, play, and other fun training techniques.

Our Policies

Missed classes
Clients assume full responsibility for attending classes for which they sign up, not including those cancelled by Paws4training. The availability of make-up classes is not guaranteed.


No children under 6 years old allowed in class. An adult must accompany children under 18 years of age.

Limit 3 people per class.

At  Paws4training we try to be as reasonable as possible with regards to refunds. We understand that things change. However when you sign up for a class you are reserving a spot; one that cannot be filled after class has started. Full refunds will be granted if you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the 1st class.
We will offer a partial refund if you cancel after 1st class.

Credit only will be available toward other services if you drop out after attending more than one class.
Services must be transfered with in 45 days.


You are not considered having dropped out of a class until and unless you contact Paws4training directly informing us that is your intent.